Welcome to ICoMEIA 2016!

After the successes of the 1st International Conference on Mathematics, Engineering & Industrial Applications 2014 (ICoMEIA 2014) in Penang, Malaysia, the Institute of Engineering Mathematics (IMK), Universiti Malaysia Perlis and Faculty of Science, Thaksin University are proud to organise the 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Engineering & Industrial Applications 2016 (ICoMEIA 2016) that will be held during 10 – 12 August 2016 at BP Samila Beach Hotel & Resort, Songkhla, Thailand. This conference will provide a special platform that brings together math’s enthusiast, engineers and the industry representatives to discuss the latest findings and future development in the applied mathematics and engineering fields and to encourage collaborations between mathematical research and engineering applications.


  • To present the latest finding in mathematics, engineering and industrial applications.
  • To exchange knowledge and sharing ideas between experts in academic and industry sectors.
  • To develop synergistic collaborations between lecturers, researchers, engineers and industry representatives.
  • To create opportunities and development of short and long term strategic projects and joint ventures in the future.
  • To inform to the public, the role of IMK as research institute. section


1) Halal food is available at the hotel and also in the surroundings easily. Halal food restaurant nearby is just behind the hotel.

2) For participants from Malaysia, you are advised to look into the status of immigration control through the following links: http://sspi2.imi.gov.my/Default.aspx


Announcement for welcoming dinner:

  1. The welcoming dinner is only for organiser, jointly co-organiser, participants and presenters.
  2. Dress code for Welcoming Dinner is semi-formal. However, participants and presenters are encourage to wear batik clothing or accessories.
  3. The best dressed individual at Welcoming Dinner will win some prizes. Let’s plan your dress in the best way.



Parallel sessions have been uploaded. Please download them BELOW.

Parallel Session 1
Parallel Session 2
Parallel Session 3
Parallel Session 4


For participants/presenters of ICoMEIA 2016, BP Samila Beach Hotel and Resort provides special deal for accommodation. Room rate starting from 1250 bath per night (Including Breakfast). Details can be found HERE.


Due to many requests, the submission deadline has been extended to 30 April 2016.


List of full papers submitted to ICoMEIA 2016 until 29 June 2016 can be found HERE.


All accepted papers with payment will be published by American Institute of Physics (AIP) which will be indexed in SCOPUS and ISI Web of Science. Please see in AIP website under Events in 2016.



Conference Venue: BP Samila Beach Hotel & Resort, Songkhla, Thailand

Date: 10-12 August 2016

Theme: Empowering Human Capital Through Mathematics and Engineering


Poster ICoMEIA 2016: Download

Brochure ICoMEIA 2016 : Download

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BP Samila Beach Hotel & Resort, Songkhla, Thailand

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